Introduction to what are the barriers facing the Trainer in the multicultural business training environment?

What are the barriers facing the Trainer in the multicultural business training environment?

In the formal business training environment it can be a challenge to reach a culturally mixed class, the difficulty is taking into account educational, sociological and environmental backgrounds for each individual and even the most adaptive training will not always reach everyone. There is as yet no key methodology or best practice structure in regular use for the business environment on how to approach this sort of training scenario. Yet this is more of a prominent concern in modern work environments than ever, as with the growth of globalisation and the influence of communication technologies the world can be perceived as becoming a continually smaller place and the physical barriers to mixed culture environments becoming less and less existent. What we appear to see however is that the cultural barriers themselves still seem to remain in the understanding and approaches to learning.

Is it possible that in the world of formal business training we can reach a cross-cultural group, without the need for extreme adaptation towards individuals in the audience or a one to one focus? To see if this is possible we must first identify the recurrent barriers and the needs of the trainer in providing training to these culturally diverse groups.

We can investigate multicultural training using the appropriate principles and terminology and to see if we can identify the principle cultural barriers that a trainer can face which negatively impact the learning and development of individuals in the mixed culture learning environment, with the intention that they can be used to further develop an understanding of how to overcome them going forward.