Hypothesis of Research

The question purposed in this research is to see if there is evidence of a similarity between the barriers that trainers may face in a learning scenario. The specific scenario is to be that of a business or professional training environment to a multicultural or diverse class.

The research question does not assume to any information leading directly to a hypothesis, but rather to investigate any potential phenomenon, or are there any common themes across the barriers facing the trainers. As we are to be investigating this question, the approach of using thematic analysis is to be applied. The use of thematic analysis research is to allow us to develop our hypothesis from the data collected. With the data collected key points will be broken into codes. The codes will then be grouped according to concepts and discussed. The concepts and discussion will itself provide the findings as to if we can identify specific common barriers and themes.

From the literature review however there are some potential findings about stereotypes and trainer education and background that may be considered and investigated in our coding once we have the data collected. We can also consider how these initial findings may also be reflected by our approach to our research and our interview questions.

The potential constraints that are apparent at the outset from the literature review are that teachers tend to consider multinational barriers when they talk about multicultural barriers, that they understand the other aspects and elements of multiculturalism when questioned but do not initially consider it in their planning or course design and that language is not the primary barrier in reaching a culturally diverse audience.